23/04/2012 08:14 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Children's Classics Removed From Libraries After Parents Complain About Racist,Offensive And Inappropriate Content

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Classic children's books which have been loved by generations are being removed from libraries after parents branded them offensive, the Daily Express claims.

Outraged mums and dads have reportedly labelled stories like Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and The Nutcracker too scary and sinister, whilst other titles have been deemed racist, blasphemous, and politically incorrect.

Even all time favourite children's author Roald Dahl came under fire for using coarse language in Revolting Rhymes and Even More Revolting Rhymes.

Complaints from parents to library staff usually ended with the offending books being taken off the shelves, or put out of reach of youngsters.

One title said to have caused particular criticism was Babar's Travels, a 1930s publication by French author Jean de Brunhoff. In it, a cartoon elephant flies off in a hot-air balloon and encounters some 'savage cannibals', a description which led to allegations of racially stereotyping black Africans. The book was subsequently removed from a library in East Sussex.

Tintin In The Congo was also taken off the shelves at a library in Lewisham, whilst modern books like the Horrible Histories series also attracted complaints. Rotten Rulers was slammed for 'glorifying and trivialising violence', and the Horrible Science series was said to encourage children to conduct dangerous experiments.

A story about two overweight pets, Flabby Cat And Slobby Dog, by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross, was accused of being upsetting to obese children and was removed from the health and wellbeing section of a Newcastle library, and David McKee's Tusk Tusk, was said to be 'racist' because it told of a dispute between black and grey elephants.

In total, 98 library authorities listed 150 complaints about children's books received in the last five years.

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