24/04/2012 14:48 BST

AA Gill Wikipedia Page Hacked: Critic Labelled 'Pitiable Little Sexist' After Insulting Mary Beard

AA Gill has had his Wikipedia page hacked after insulting classics professor Mary Beard.

The new Wiki entry labels him "a pitiable little sexist" and claims that his current employers at the Sunday Times are thinking of hiring "a twelve-year old playground bully who would produce the same work for pocket money and half a pack of Marlboro Lights".

It goes on to mock the controversial critic, saying "his essays are known for their humour [citation needed] and lack of relevant content, and are characterised by shallow and insecure sniping at people whose success he finds intimidating."

The outspoken restaurant reviewer and television critic has been under fire after branding Mary Beard "too ugly for television", suggesting she apply for Channel 4 programme The Undateables which follows people with facial deformities and disabilities in their quest to find love.

AA Gill provoked outrage on Twitter after insulting Beard

The Cambridge University classics professor, who is currently presenting Meet the Romans, admitted she found his remarks "pretty hurtful." In Tuesday's Daily Mail she hit back at Gill for his "misogynist" remarks, accusing the critic of being "sexist" and unable to cope with clever women.

"Maybe it's precisely because he did not go to university that he never quite learned the rigour of intellectual argument and he thinks that he can pass off insults as wit."

"It may well be the reason why he feels the need to sneer at intelligent, educated women like Clare [Balding] and me - Clare also studied at Newnham, Cambridge - so repeatedly."

Mary Beard

Gill called Claire Balding "a dyke on a bike" in 2010, whilst she presented travel programmed Britain By Bike.

The Press Complaints Commission upheld her complaint, after the BBC's horse racing pundit defended the right not to be judged "on the basis of race, religion, gender or, in this case, sexual orientation".

The Wikipedia entry goes on to have another dig at AA Gill in the "relationship" section.

"The evident lack of ability to keep a relationship healthy has lead to speculation over his sexual orientation. This would also explain his apparent hatred towards members of the LGBT community."

Gill has provoked outrage in the past, after calling Norfolk "the hernia on the end of England" while animal rights campaigners were angered after he admitted he shot a baboon so "he would know what it would be like to kill someone." The Sunday Times revealed he has been the subject of 62 PCC complaints in five years.