Boris Johnson Voted 'Most Dateable' London Mayoral Candidate

Boris Johnson is the most dateable of the three main candidates for London Mayor, according to a survey published today.

The dating site Free Dating.co.uk asked its London-based female members who they would rather go on a date with and 43% selected Boris.

Ken Livingstone was beaten into third place by ex-policeman Brian Paddick, with 24% and 31% of the vote respectively.

Ken didn’t fare much better amongst women who identified themselves as leftwing in their dating profile, 62% of whom would still rather date either Boris or Brian.

The survey also asked single men which candidate would be the most supportive companion in helping them meet women on a night out – a role sometimes known as the “wingman”.

Again, Boris got the largest share of the vote, at 53% followed by Ken (29%) and then Brian (18%).

Interestingly, men who identified themselves as leftwing in their dating profile, voted even more strongly in favour of Boris, at 55%.

Dan Winchester, founder of Free Dating.co.uk, said: “Ken has reportedly struggled for support amongst his Labour heartland. Our survey shows that Boris is also winning in the attraction stakes with women, and the personality stakes with men, even amongst the very people who you would normally expect to back the Labour candidate.”