Brian Paddick

Brian Paddick has quit as Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman citing “concerns” about Tim Farron’s views on “various
Far from having nothing to say the Liberal Democrats have a real plan. One based on trust, effectiveness and more than anything else the recognition that in the fight against terror we must not lose the very essence of what we stand for - freedom, democracy and community. We have seen these values come to the fore in the wake of the attack in Manchester, we must now not betray them going forward.
This week, after years of progress, the Conservative government's Immigration Bill, currently going through the House of Lords, contains some draconian new powers and new criminal offences... After decades of progress the Tories now risk turning the clock back.
This Bill will push users into the hands of criminal street dealers in hard drugs and overseas-based internet suppliers who could not care less about what's in the drugs they supply or what effect they have on their clients. The internationally respected expert Professor David Nutt believes this Bill will "increase harm and deaths". Surely that is the last thing anybody wants and yet that is what the Conservative government and the Labour 'opposition' have signed.
Liberal Democrats in the Lords are trying to rescue something from the car crash that is the government's Psychoactive Substances Bill by tabling a series of amendments. The Bill seeks to make it illegal to produce or supply any substance that affects someone's mental functioning or emotional state, unless the government specifically exempts it. This takes the "my substances of choice, like alcohol and tobacco, are OK but yours aren't" approach to a new level.
Controversial plans to outlaw 'legal highs' are to be challenged in Parliament tomorrow after campaigners warned that the
George Osborne has been ridiculed for insisting that the coalition has ditched its plans to publish ministers' tax returns
As Brian Paddick put it on Twitter; if you hate what Ukip and now Labour and the Conservatives stand for, then it's time to reconsider voting Liberal Democrat.
Violence against women and children by men is important but it is not the whole story. It is important for victims or survivors of LGBT domestic abuse to know that they are not alone, that help and advice is available and that they do not need to put up with an abusive relationship. Many people think support for victims of domestic violence is only available to women who suffer at the hands of an abusive male partner but that is not the case. Many people are unaware that they can be safe, they can be supported and that there is a route out of an abusive same-sex relationship.