Artist Creates Other-Worldy Landscapes Out Of Rotten Fruit And Veg

Welcome To The Cots-Moulds...

A unique artist has created this extraordinary series of other-worldly landscapes - using nothing more than rotten fruit and veg.

The bizarre artwork is the result of leaving everything from corn to pumpkins out in the open for up to two months as they gradually decay into mouldy, smelly leftovers.

But by using macro photography to get up close and personal to the surface of the various food, the remarkable shots appear to bring the dead food back to life.

And the results are surprisingly stunning - with the rotten items creating landscapes such as the 'cots-moulds' and space-like surfaces which would look at home in a sci-fi film.

The fascinating foodscapes are the brainchild of Estonian artist Heikki Leis, 38, who has been working on the stunning series, dubbed Afterlife, for more than seven years.

He said: "I once left some boiled potatoes out in a pot for too long and forgot about them for quite a while.

"They had started to mould and on closer examination I discovered some interesting textures and colours starting to form which is how it all began.

"The amount of time it takes for different items to rot varies from between two weeks up until two or more months.

"I've used numerous fruits and vegetables but not all of them produce interesting material for photography which is why the project is still on-going.

"My favourite 'models' are beetroot, potato, turnip, corn and pumpkin - which were all the most smelly too. You certainly need a strong stomach to get as close as I do."

Check out Leis' images in the gallery below:


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