27/04/2012 06:39 BST

Iconic Red Phone Boxes Put Up For Sale At £2,000 By BT

Sixty red K6 phone boxes are to be sold off after dwindling demand for the booths.

BT, who own the telephone booths, is to decommission 60 boxes and put them up for sale to the public as the boxes' usage has plummeted dramatically with the growth of mobile phones.

If you really want one, it'll set you back nearly £2,000, plus VAT and delivery, through third party company XConnect.

The boxes, which were originally designed by architect Sir Giles Scott in 1936 to commemorate King George VI's Silver Jubilee, have slowly become obsolete.

Thousands have been sold off since the 1990s, most prominently in 2008 when BT started their Adopt a Kiosk campaign, asking local communities to pay to maintain their local phone box.

Under that scheme, 1,800 boxes have been bough and taken over by communities, for the cost of only £1. The boxes have not all remained phones however, with some becoming cash machines, mini-exhibitions and even housing defibrillators.

BT are trying to sell off the boxes as they try to phase out the old phone boxes, of which there are just 11,000 left around the UK.