29/04/2012 11:49 BST | Updated 29/06/2012 06:12 BST

Broody Cheryl Cole Picks Name For Child In GQ Interview

Cheryl Cole has already chosen a name for her first son - but admits she's struggling to find the right man to settle down with.

The 28-year-old, who broke off her marriage to footballer Ashley Cole in February 2010, has told GQ magazine that she yearns for a husband to have kids with.

The former Girls Aloud singer said: "I'd love kids. I'm obsessed with babies. Of course I've thought about baby names. A million times.

"I like (the name) Alfie for a little boy. I know that is what I was put on Earth to do - to be a mother."

Cheryl has a soft spot for Prince Harry but is wary of looking like the older woman if they were to date. She says: "I think he's amazing and I think you can relate to him because he's made mistakes. He's cool. Although, I think I would be Cougarville in that relationship."

The former X Factor judge says she is single and misses intimacy, adding: "I am a woman and I like sex."