"That’s not a single. I don’t know what happened there."
Her Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh was on hand to get the party started.
The former Girls Aloud singer and X Factor judge is starring as Jenny in 2:22: A Ghost Story.
“I had people waiting outside my house, people stalking me, people stalking people I was associated with.”
Cheryl, Nadine, Nicola and Kimberley took part in a 5km run to raise money in memory of their former bandmate who died of cancer last year.
“Grief is such a harsh experience and an absolute rollercoaster of emotions," the singer wrote on Instagram.
“Although we knew this day would arrive I am somehow still feeling at a loss for words."
The singer celebrated turning 38 with her bestie and former bandmate, Kimberley Walsh.
The former X Factor judge and Girls Aloud singer won't go back to being as busy as she was prior to her break.
The former Girls Aloud singer has broken her year-long social media silence.