Dog Plays With Skunk, Regrets It (VIDEO)

WATCH: Dog Plays With Skunk, Swiftly Regrets It

Consider this video a cautionary tale: never, ever play with skunks. They may look cute, but they don't want to play. Not at all.

Witness this spotless, pristine pooch as he jumps and leaps and frolicks in front of a nonplussed skunk before building up the courage to nip him.

Once nipped, Mr. Skunk decides that enough is enough and lets spray with one of his tried-and-true scent gland blasts, resulting in the dog in question swiftly retreating.

To make matters cuter, the hound spends most of his retreating time rubbing his nose in the grass to get rid of the smell that's just been slung up his nostrils.

Still, ol' Pepe Le Pew here isn't the first naughty animal to be caught on camera. Oh, no. Just take a look at our video compilation below: