01/05/2012 12:35 BST

Amy Childs Launches SMART Camera (See What they've Done There?)

We love Amy Childs, we really do. She's already made a mint without having any discernible talent but we'll forgive her because she makes us laugh, which is more than we can say about most celebs (hello Pricey).

But even we were a bit 'oh Aaaaamyyyy' when we clapped eyes on these pics.

Having pretty much covered the fashion/beauty corner of the celeb market (fake tan, clothing range, underwear, fitness DVD etc etc) the former beautician is now trading on the fact that well, she's not exactly the brightest sequin in the vajazzling kit.

Yep, the former TOWIE star's latest endorsement sees her promoting Samsung's new range of SMART cameras. Geddit?

It even comes with the line 'Too smart for Amy'. And just in case you still hadn't quite got your head around the marketing message Amy pulled a 'durrr I'm well fick me, innit' pose in front of that very line at the launch.

Let's hope she got paid handsomely.