01/05/2012 18:48 BST

Eminem's Daughter...NOT! Twitter Hoaxer Returns

Eminem's daughter has featured largely in his music and it would have come as no surprise to see the spotlight turned on her as she approaches her mid teens.

So when a Twitter account, claiming to be authored by Marshall Mathers III's little girl Hailie Jade popped up, we checked it out.

Announcing her "return" to the micro-blogging website, @Angry_Blonde declares herself: "The REAL Hailie Mathers".

Except she's not. Ok, we fell for it.

A publicist for Eminem confirmed to The Huffington Post UK that the Twitter account was fake.

But @Angry_Blonde is unlike your standard Twitter troll. She retweets support for Eminem, talks of him as being "the best" and generally appears to interact pleasantly with her 17,000 followers.

And it's not the first time whoever it is has hogged the limelight.

Last year Eminem's publicist told E! News an account in the same name was a fake and that Hailie is not on Twitter at all.

In fact, E!'s editor grudgingly admitted: "Hats off to Angry_Blonde, the keeper of the most elaborate imposter account we've seen yet."

The profile was hastily deleted following last year's coverage, but it's back online and as positive as ever.

Whoever the hoaxer is, she seems remarkably well-adjusted (on the surface at the least). There's nothing controversial in her Tweets and by all accounts, Eminem is a great dad.

Which rather begs the question, why bother?!

The real Hailie Jade is frequently mentioned in her father's music