03/05/2012 11:34 BST | Updated 03/05/2012 11:48 BST

Cute Meerkat Pup Tunnock Small Enough To Fit In A Teacup (PICTURES)

The meerkat pup causing a storm in a teacup weighs the same as four teacakes - and has been named Tunnock as a result.

The teeny tiny creature was named after his keeper's favourite teatime treat. Although meerkat's usually feast on grubs, Tunnock is being fed a milk formula twice a day to fatten him up.

"He's a bit on the small side at the moment," Anna Keen, Tunnock's keeper, admitted to the Press Association.

While cakes and weighing scales don't usually mix well, Keen used teacakes to balance the scales during Tunnock's check up on Thursday.

The pup in a cup is now settling in to his new home at Blair Drummond Safari Park, in Stirling, along with three meerkat triplets who have not yet been named.

The new additions will most likely only fuel the nation's love affair with the furry creatures, which first stepped into the limelight courtesy of Animal Planet's Meerkat Manor.

Perhaps camera-loving Tunnock will follow in TV sensation Aleksandr Orlov's paw-steps?

Three-week-old Tunnock, named after his keeper's favourite teatime treat, and the triplets, who have not yet been given names, were born at the park over the Easter weekend.

All of the meerkats weighed 30g at birth and are being cared for by Tunnock's meerkat mum Sadie and the other adults in the group. The pups can already been seen exploring the enclosure and will soon learn to dig and forage in the sand for food.

Other new additions to the safari park this spring are a baby antelope, a donkey, a lion cub and a white rhino calf, as well as marmosets and wallabies.