03/05/2012 11:57 BST | Updated 03/05/2012 12:03 BST

Lollipop Man Bruce Berry, From West Yorkshire, Studies For 12th Degree

Most of us feel a sense of achievement studying for one degree. Meet Bruce Berry, who is on degree number TWELVE.

The lollipop man from West Yorkshire graduated with his first diploma from Manchester University in 1963 but was not content with pursuing just the one. Oh no.

The 70-year-old, who has studied at York, Strasbourg, Manchester and Leeds, to name a few, told the BBC: "I like to keep an open mind - anything which catches my interest, I go for it."

The lollipop man took up his new job to pay for his tuition fees after leaving his position at the local post office in 2002.

Berry, who is officially a "doctor", can boast of seven MAs, and a PhD. The bright spark can speak five languages, including Russian and German but simply explains: "I just get this Faustian thirst for knowledge."

"It's daft int it really, in a way," the Mensa member adds.

But he's still got a way to go to beat Michael Nicholson, who has amassed a whopping 27 degrees.

Berry is the second veteran student to make the headlines this week; Bertie Gladwin, a former MI6 employee has taken the British record for the oldest graduate.

Despite leaving school at the age of 14, Gladwin recently picked up a Masters from Buckingham University - at the ripe age of 90.

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