04/05/2012 17:21 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

A Kid Smoking, A Baby With A Snake And An Axe-Wielding Toddler! Meet The World's Most Idiotic Parents!

Shocked child Rex

All us parents know we are inclined to lose our marbles from time to time. Stress, lack of sleep and lack of time all take their toll and every now and then make us do stupid things. But none quite as stupid as the parents in these pictures! Please say 'No'!

These disturbing - and, let's face it (in some cases), quite hilarious - photographs have been compiled on a blog dedicated to the stupidity of some adults of the species who, frankly, shouldn't have been allowed to breed in the first place.

Quite aptly, the blog's title is simply: 'My Parent Is An Idiot!' And it most definitely does what it says on the tin.

Behold the toddler with a fag in his gob!

Be amazed at the baby wielding an axe!

Drop your jaw at the child with the barrel of a rifle in its mouth!

Call social services for the little guy in the Nazi T-shirt!

And call the RSPCA for the babe-in-arms being smothered by a giant snake!

And there's more. Oh so depressingly more!

So the next time you're having what I believe is called a mumfail moment, rest assured - there is another parent out there who is SO MUCH MORE STUPID than you could ever be!