05/05/2012 22:02 BST | Updated 05/05/2012 22:19 BST

Britain's Got Talent Review: Talent In a Tin Hat With Dalek Impersonator Martyn Crofts (PHOTOS)

Britain's Got Talent hit a new high this week with a Dalek impersonator bidding to impress Simon et al with his rendition of King of the Road - with only a saucepan by way of a prop, in an act he's been perfecting for 20 years.

Walliams was suitably impressed, saying: "For me the star of the show was the saucepan, it's obviously a good one, non-stick."

And Alesha admitted she enjoyed it, which she said confused her. Through he went.

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Another unlikely triumph was that of Gatis, stand-up comic from Latvia - "are you well? no, you're not, you're a person." Simon decided this was so bad, it was good, and through he went.

The week's opening act saw the judges head outside to watch a bunch of synchronised swimmers, who, it turned out, had performed at Walliams' wedding. Simon decided they were "a human aquarium", and through they went.

Other acts bidding to impress the panel included a contortionist, two drag queens and a Michael Jackson impersonator. Magic acts didn't seem to do very well this week, with buzzers being pressed with abandon.

And then the judges decided who was going through, in an excruciating session which saw several heartbroken contestants kicked to the kerb.

This week's contestants in action...

Britain's Got Talent Week 7