08/05/2012 22:00 BST | Updated 09/05/2012 08:15 BST

Britain's Got Talent Review: Third Live Semi-Final, Egel Lands, But The Loveable Rogues Win (VIDEO)

The third semi-final went in search of somebody to match the quality of Jonathan and Charlotte the night before, and Ashleigh and Pudsey the previous evening.

That person was Dennis Egel, who brought his Germanic charm to the stage in the form of a golden, be-winged eagle.

“Pitchy”, as they would say in The Voice, doesn’t begin to describe the tuneless wonder that is Egel – “very slight issues, nothing to worry about,” explained Walliams.

Egel made it all the way to the ceiling with Music Was My First Love, and no broken wings in sight. From his original audition, only the golden shower cap was a sad omission.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to go through to the final, with the public voters opting instead for the cheeky, chappy charm of The Loveable Rogues who were the night's victors.

The Romford trio were Alesha Dixon’s favourite act going into the semi-finals, and their cheeky chappy schtick continued to do its magic, writing and performing their own song Lovesick.

“You’ve got it all,” said Walliams. “Brilliant,” said Simon, “this is the real deal… I know exactly who you should be working with…” Ker-ching.

The second place in Saturday's live final went to young songstress Molly Rainford - the judges were divided between her and The Twist And Pulse Company, so it came to the public vote again.

Here's a round-up of the best of the rest...

The Zimmers brought their pensioner boogy to the stage, as a Queen ballad morphed into Move That Body. "A great deal of fun," said Walliams. "An example to us all," said Amanda. “There were a few problems,” said bad wolf Simon… “but I love you.” First wanting a puppy, now this – is Mr Cowell going soft in his middle age?

Area 51 – another night, another urban dance act, proving something we weren’t sure about – that it’s difficult to find your funky on stilts, dressed as robots. “I found it terrifying,” said Walliams, but... “I’d like you to be in my house all the time,” said Simon. What IS happening to him? It was always doubtful they would go any further unless the Trekkies got dialling.

Percussionist Ashley Elliott provided some fine, end-of-the-pier entertainment by way of his xylophone. Three buzzers went off very quickly, but one judge was too busy dancing. Guess who? Yep, started with a W.

Then it was time for the youth element to come out, with 11-year-old Molly Rainford pleading with her audience to “touch me now”. “I thought it was an adult,” said Walliams. Generally disturbing.

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Even more disturbing was the incredibly bendy Lucky, who proceeded to play the piano, with her feet, over her head. Then she poured herself a cup of tea, with her feet, over her head. If she loses out tonight, she’s got a future in horror films. That’s probably Tim Burton on the phone right now.

Honey Shazad got to Sign Your Name (a la Terence Trent D’Arby), but the judges as one signed her off, with Simon suggesting she went off and found herself a band, if that would help her conquer her collywobbles.

How many dance troupes ARE there in Britain? The Twist and Pulse Dance Company, all purple sweat shirts and white shorts, even had the little guy out front that Diversity pulled off to beat Susan Boyle in 2009. Alesha was their biggest fan, but all the judges were equally enthralled.

But really it was all a preparation for our German favourite Dennis Egel, the man with the golden touch..

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