Jewel Caterpillar, Transparent Larva Looks Unreal (PICTURES)


Looking not unlike a gummy sweet or an astonishingly accurate CG concoction, this jewel caterpillar is one of mother nature’s wildcards.

The incredible image was submitted to Project Noah, an online wildlife platform for “citizen scientists” by scuba instructor Gerardo Azipuru, who discovered it in an area of mangrove in Mexico.

Scroll down for more pictures of the caterpillar in its larva stage

The jewel-like caterpillar transforms into this brightly coloured furry moth

Azipuru, who is also a wildlife photographer, described the find in his submission as: “Looks like it’s made of glass with small red mushrooms inside.”

The 3cm caterpillar is a member of the Dalceridae moth family known as Acraga coa.

As Gizmodo points out, the critter has an even more bizarre appearance after it transforms into a moth.

Emerging from its chrysalis all furry and a vibrant shade of orange, it looks like “a tiny flying furry Irish setter. With perfect camouflage for hiding in veterinarian offices, pet stores, or at dog shows.”

The moth in its sunset-hued glory was identified by Dr Scott Miller of the Smithsonian Institute after it was submitted to What's That Bug? by David Brownell.

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