09/05/2012 11:59 BST | Updated 09/05/2012 12:13 BST

'Bandersnatch Cummerbund': Washington Post Says Benedict Cumberbatch Gaffe Was A Joke

Can you spot the deliberate - or not-so deliberate - mistake in the picture below, kids?

washington post copy edit fail

That's right - in both the print and the online versions of a Washington Post article about our very own Benedict Cumberbatch, the Sherlock star got a name change halfway through. Quite a drastic name change, in fact.

But while many have considered it to be a glaring typo or sloppy work by a sub, the Washington Post says that the name change was, in fact, intentional. And now the article's writer, Lisa de Moraes, has indeed said that it was a joke.

“'Bandersnatch Cummerbund' originated with one of the serious students of television who join me each Friday to chat about all things TV," explains de Moraes. "And that person would no doubt want to give credit to Lewis Carroll, who first wrote about the 'frumious Bandersnatch,' in Jabberwocky, in the late 1800s. We loved it then, we love it now."

So there you go. Not a sneaky joke that was missed by a sub, but a deliberate joke that wasn't. Or something. Why, it's enough of a riddle for dear Sherlock himself...

(Hat-tips: TVNewser's Alex Weprin and AFP photographer Alex Ogle)