10/05/2012 18:12 BST

Britain's Got Talent Review: Ryan O'Shaughnessy & Aquabatique Make It Through To The Final

Ryan O'Shaughnessy and Aquabatique have become the final two acts to make it through to the Britain's Got Talent final.

Singer and musician Ryan O'Shaughnessy, who was previously a contestant on rival show The Voice in Ireland, won the public vote after singing his own romantic track called First Kiss with yodelling high-notes.

Alesha gushed: "You sound like and old romantic." Simon crudely noted: "You're going to get so much action after this."

Meanwhile the judges voted Aquabatique through to the final. They didn't get picked for the Olympic team this year, but the synchronised swimmers proved to the nation they've got something special tonight.

Dancing underwater to a James Bond song medley in what looked like a large fish tank they made a splash. "That was all the things I loved; swimming, James Bond and skimpy gold outfits," said David. And Simon agreed: "Interestingly I am building one of those tanks in my home, so if you don't win you can come and live in my aquarium."

Here's a round-up of the best of the rest...

Face Team's energetic performance was enough to leave you tired just watching it. Trampoline, basketball, flips and jumps were all mixed into something far more impressive than you'd see in a school gym. David told the Hungarian basketball stunt group: "You all look great in white satin shorts," while Alesha added: "It was choreographed beautifully." And Simon enthused: "It was outstanding, congratulations."

Greig Stewart played his Laser Harp but didn't impress the judges this time around. "I'm not sure Queeny and the rest of the royals will get down to it," joked Alesha. And Amanda claimed: "It's too nerdy."

Watching a unique performance on BGT is becoming increasingly difficult, however, Billy George gave one when he rolled around the stage with his cyr wheel. David said: "I don't think you needed the ring, come on with your top off and everyone starts screaming." Alesha exclaimed: "You're like the hooping version of Billy Ellliot." And Simon agreed: "What you did was absolutely brilliant."

With a diamante-encrusted pan on his head and surrounded by brightly coloured Daleks Martyn Crofts was quite a sight. However, his 'exterminate' song was more annoying than funny. David said sarcastically: "It brought a tear to my eye." Simon wasn't quite as enthusiastic as Alesha and Amanda who gave their verdict with pans on their head, he claimed it was "the most stupid act ever on the show".

Liverpudlian comedian Callum Oakley cracked some jokes about toilet paper and got some giggles out of the audience. The panel also seemed fond of him, Amanda said: "You're somebody to watch." And Simon assured him: "You're naturally funny."

Hope Murphy's version of Forever Young led David to say: "You have the best voice in this competition", while Simon enthused: "You remind me of a young Adele… I was really impressed with you." That's a comparison the 16-year-old won't forget.

How could Strictly Wheels not make you smile? The wheelchair dance pair but in another impressive performance and David said: "It's completely joyous, you have given a lot of hope to people out there that there's no such thing as impossible."  

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