10/05/2012 07:27 BST

David Hasselhoff Is Unintentionally Hilarious In Barclaycard Advert (VIDEO)

David Hasselhoff is an iconic human being. Star of Baywatch, judge on Britain's Got Talent, '80s pop sensation... he's some sort of living legend.

But though it's hard to not have a soft spot for the guy, we have a sneaking suspicion that he won't be winning the advertising equivalent of an Oscar for this little commercial he did for Barclaycard.

The whole gag is that a regular guy - the kind of regular guy who looks at a cut-price copy of Goodfellas in a supermarket then puts it back again - uses Barclay's PayTag thingummy to buy something and he's rewarded by an impromptu parade.

Think dancing girls, cartwheeling acrobats and The Hoff squiting into an autocue. Actually, that's not fair - perhaps there wasn't an autocue and that's just what his 'line-remembering face' looks like.

So check out the advert of adverts above, and when you're done with that, have a gander at our Hoff-themed video gallery below.