10/05/2012 07:22 BST | Updated 10/05/2012 07:27 BST

Gaming Map Of The UK: Where And What We Play

PC and Mac gaming womps PS Vita, most Xbox owners live north of Birmingham and Bristol is the Nintendo Wii capital.

A survey of 1,970 gamers by video game price comparison site and marketplace, reveals the gaming habits of Britons.

The survey showed that mac, PC and PS3 are by far the most popular gaming platforms. Windows PCS and Macs account for 55% of platforms used, PS3 a close 52%, while PS Vita, and PSP trail at 8 and 14% each.


PS3, which is currently priced at around £214 on eBay, is mainly owned by gamers south of Birmingham. Xbox dominates the north, priced from £149 at Tesco.

Either Leeds is a more interesting place to socialise, or gamers just have more spare cash in London. Londoners surveyed on average spend £517, in Manchester the figure is £196 and in Leeds, a lower £445.

And which style is most popular? First person shooters followed by role playing games. Together they make up just over 31% of games played in the UK. RPGs are most popular in the north east and in Scotland.

The survey skipped over comments on particular titles, so there's no graph of the fury over the Mass Effect 3 ending, which town has the most Man Hunt players, or whether anyone cares that Bioshock Infinite has been delayed until 2013.

What do you think of this map of UK gaming? What has the survey missed out?

Click through the slideshow below for the full survey.