11/05/2012 12:46 BST | Updated 11/05/2012 12:46 BST

'X Factor': Simon Cowell 'Banished From UK' To Ease Dannii Minogue's Return

The X Factor bosses are so keen to see former judge Dannii Minogue return to the show they are allegedly banishing Simon Cowell to the US.

The move comes after producers reportedly made her an official offer of a job on the UK talent show, and have given her three options to make her comeback easier.

The star, who is also a panellist on Australia's Got Talent, has been told she can miss several days of filming the show Down Under in order for her to jet into the UK in time for The X Factor later this month.

Another option is that she may also be excused from the auditions of The X Factor and will return for the live shows only in July.

The third scenario would see the singer miss some of each programme in order for her to commit to both series.

Dannii is said to have been offered £750,000 to take part in the ITV show and bosses are willing to accommodate her needs.

A source told the Daily Mail: "Dannii has a formal offer from ITV, (production company) Thames, and Cowell's company Syco. The ball is well and truly in her court. We hope she'll return and think it will be the best thing for the show."

Bosses are even willing to fly Simon out to America in a bid to make the Australian star feel more comfortable in the UK after details of their romance surfaced in a biography about the music mogul.

A source told The Sun: "We'll be making sure Simon makes himself scarce. He will be too busy on The X Factor USA so Dannii can relax. The last thing we want is Simon turning up to stick his nose in and for her to get annoyed. We know she is not happy about him spilling his guts in Tom Bower's book."

Former pop star Dannii will also need to decide whether she is willing to relocate to the UK for the duration of the series - she recently admitted she has finally got 10-month-old son Ethan settled into a regular routine.

She told Australia's Marie Claire: "Ethan has his little routine now. He has swimming lessons. He has things that are more important to him. I don't want to unsettle him to follow me around the globe."


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