14/05/2012 18:12 BST | Updated 14/07/2012 06:12 BST

Chris Tarrant Hopes To See 'We Will Rock You', Without Brian May's Hair In The Way This Time (PHOTOS)

One of the people most looking forward to the special 10th anniversary performance of We Will Rock You was TV presenter Chris Tarrant, because he hoped he'd get a clear view of the stage this time.

Tarrant told reporters at the all-star event at London's Dominion Theatre that, when he attended the premiere a decade ago, he was sitting behind Queen's Brian May, and couldn't see the stage for the guitarist's famous mane of hair.

The other problem, explained Tarrant, was that Brian May air-guitared all the way through the show, which is comprised of a catalogue of Queen tracks, with the book added by Ben Elton.

"I interviewed him some time later and asked him about this," remembered Tarrant. "And he said, 'I can't help it. I've been playing those songs for so many years now, it happens without thinking.' "

The evening's performance marked 10 years of We Will Rock You going strong in the West End, and was to be marked with a special appearance from Queen's still-much-missed frontman Freddie Mercury, although exactly how he would appear was still a surprise before the event.

Other guest stars on the eclectic red carpet roll call included model and singer Samantha Fox, Emma Thompson and Greg Wise, Tim Minchin, tennis player Pat Cash, pop singer Mark Shaw, Colleen Nolan and Robert De Niro.

We Will Rock You 10th anniversary