14/05/2012 09:16 BST | Updated 14/05/2012 09:22 BST

Mark Ronson, Katy B's Official Olympics 2012 Song - Anywhere In The World - Goes On Sale Today (LISTEN)

It's here - the UK's official Olympic song is released for sale today, just in time to give our athletes that final bit of inspiration they may need to get them first over the finishing line.

Anywhere in the World, created by uber-producer Mark Ronson with the vocals of Katy B, is, on first listen, a predictably upbeat keep-em-moving disco classic. But the story behind the song is a rich one. Ronson travelled around the world, meeting five young athletes and recording the individual sounds of their sport to mix into the track.

So, it's already Olympian in spirit before the games even start in London.

Ronson said he was inspired by the communal spirit of knowing everyone's going to be watching these events, while Katy put it more simply, just "the best party ever".

Ronson and Katy B will be performing the song live at the Olympics Hyde Park event on 26 July.

And you can have a listen here in the meantime and let us know... would this get you racing for a medal?

Below - Mark Ronson and Katy B explain how they got their sounds from far afield...