14/05/2012 13:11 BST

'The Apprentice': Lord Alan Sugar Turns On TV Critic, Receives A Twitter Backlash

The Apprentice boss Lord Alan Sugar has felt a backlash from his Twitter followers, after he encouraged them to contact a TV critic who gave his BBC show a negative review.

Posting on Twitter he wrote sarcastically: "More positive coverage by Ace reporter kevin.osullivan@mirror.co.uk of the Apprentice. Email him to congratulate his positive coverage."

However, fans have not taken his tweet the way he may have hoped. One named @DRZOgilvie responded saying:

"@Lord_Sugar Sorry, but it really has been a dire series so far - say that as fan who has switched off. It's all too dull. Candidates dull."

And another, called @Pauldwlon, added: "@Lord_Sugar @TVKev Kevin is correct.....worst series of Apprentice....no characters/drama or quality....it is POSITIVE criticism."

Some have suggested it looks desperate or petty, while O'Sullivan has claimed: "The vast majority of those who got in touch emphatically agreed with me."

He then tweeted: "@mpblackman I can take it. But doing that definitely revealed that he has bullying tendencies. Which he also shows on The Apprentice."

Do you think Lord Sugar was right to turn on this TV critic? Let us know below...