15 Of America's Craziest Laws

15 Of America's Craziest Laws

So in a specific borough of New Jersey, it's a finable offence to walk while you text. This means you can't be playing Words With Friends as you're getting run over, mmmkay? Lovely stuff.

And while Britain isn't above a good ol' fashioned crazy law every once in a while - as many a Welshman wandering into Chester on a Friday night will tell you - we have to say that America has the golden gawdy crown when it comes to loony laws.

Several websites are dedicated to the fine pursuit of discussing US local laws, with DumbLaws.com and GuyManningham.com leading the pack, and even two books being published on the topic, namely You May Not Tie an Alligator To A Fire Hydrant: 101 Real Dumb Laws and The Book of Strange Laws and Curious Legal Oddities.

We've gathered together just 15 of our favourite bits of long-forgotten American legislation and created this bonkers bylaw gallery for you to giggle at - but remember, you shouldn't be tying alligators to fire hydrants in the first place. Very poor form, ol' chap.


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