Walking And Texting Now A Finable Offence For New Jersey Residents

Walking And Texting Becomes A Finable Offence In New Jersey

'Reckless walking' has been a finable offence in Fort Lee, New Jersey, for just one month, but already the local police department has issued 117 tickets at $85 a pop after 20 accidents were caused by distracted pedestrians strolling across the road.

It's important to note that this fine is not applicable to anyone who happens to be walking down the pavement - sorry, sidewalk - with their phones out, but only those texters and tweeters who jaywalk with their smartphones out.

"Pedestrians aren't watching where they're walking, they're not aware," says Fort Lee Police chief Thomas Ripoli, whose district covers the metropolitan borough over the Hudson River from the Bronx.

And if you're worried that this isn't all that serious an offence, here's a handy YouTube documentary that explains just what a hazard it is. Don't worry - it's actually quite funny.

But do you think law should be introduced elsewhere? Should Britain take a leaf out of Fort Lee's book and ban 'reckless walking' over here in Blighty? Let us know in the poll below.

Of course, America is famous for its unusual local laws - but that doesn't mean us Brits aren't above a peculiar piece of legislation or two, as this 'Weird British Laws' gallery proves without a doubt...


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