Texting While Walking: YouTube Documentary From Casey Neistat Solves First World Problem (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Dangers Of Texting While Walking

Remember documentary maker Casey Neistat? He's the man who brought us the whisky/water trick video a couple of weeks ago.

Today he's hitting people's inboxes with his latest piece, originally commissioned for New York Times, about the perils of walking down the street while texting.

You see, it turns out that some people don't realise it's dangerous. Neistat compares it to drunk driving and taking crack - possibly an overexaggeration - but there's no denying its potential problems.

You might think you're cleverly multi-tasking, combining the reasonably dull activity of walking to your destination with the reasonably more interesting activity of typing out "LOL" and sending it to your best mate - in reality, you're being a nuisance, and you know it.

So this is us, Huffington Post UK Comedy, calling you out, texters-who-text-while-they-walk. Stop it. Stop it now. Listen to a podcast, revisit your favourite Beatles album, but leave those thumbs alone, you hear?

Good, glad that's sorted. To make everything better, here's the water/whisky trick again. Lovely stuff.


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