17/05/2012 09:33 BST | Updated 17/05/2012 09:34 BST

'The Apprentice' 2012: Fired Candidate Jenna Whittingham On Failing To Be Funny (INTERVIEW)

Lord Sugar fired Jenna Whittingham, a beauty salon owner from Lancashire, after her 'funny' marketing video, intended to raise awareness for English sparkling wine, failed to bring in the laughs.

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Now she's sobered up from her whirlwind Apprentice challenge, Jenna tells us who was to blame...

When did you know it had gone wrong?

Probably when I stepped into the boardroom and saw Lord Sugar's face after watching the video. I felt extremely sick. I started to think about what I could tell him as I knew I'd be coming back into the boardroom.

Who was to blame?

I think the fact that the ad hadn't gone well was my fault, but Stephen also should have taken some blame for not saying anything. If I was a bit stronger and had spoken out against him more, I probably could have stayed.

How did you feel when Lord Sugar didn't find the video funny?

I thought he might like it, as he said Phoenix were boring. It was comedy and it was risque and if he'd have liked it, we would have won. It was a big risk.

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What was your best moment on the show?

When I was in charge of the cooking task at St Catherine's Dock, that was fun.

What were Nick, Karren and Lord Sugar like?

Obviously you are a bit starstruck at first. I loved getting comments from Lord Sugar as he's such a respected business man. Nick and Karren were both lovely, Karren stuck up for me and said I shouldn't have taken all the blame. I think that's an achievement to get nice comments from them.

What will you do now?

I have a salon called Beauty and the Boutique, and another shop that has clothes as well as beauty. I want to make Beauty and Boutique into a brand and open more shops. Hopefully I'll get some opportunities from being on The Apprentice.

Will you keep watching and who do you want to win?

I'll definitely keep watching. I'd like Nick, Gabriella and Tom to win.

Will you keep in touch with any of your fellow contestants?

I think I've made friends for life. I got on with Gabriella really well in the house and Nick. And Adam is a really funny character.

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