Rapper Mac Lethal Takes On Internet Trolls Who Can't Spell

WATCH: Rapper Takes On Illiterate Internet Trolls

Last December Mac Lethal went viral on YouTube with a video of him rapping a pancake recipe at breakneck speed over the beat of Look At Me Now.

This time the multitalented rapper - who has also worked as a freelstyling breakfast menu at SUBWAY restaurants - is back to take on internet trolls who can't spell to the beat of recent hit single Somebody That I Used To Know.

Specifically, he's come armed with two bright signs to explain the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE - a common error and a subject clearly close to his heart.

And apparently he can do grammar as well as he can cook pancakes - that is, extremely fast.

As he explains the difference ("Look, this one belongs to you / and this one is something that you are, it's true"), the technical brilliance of the Kansas City rapper is undeniable - even if words like 'possessions' and 'contraptions' aren't your usual hip-hop fodder.

WARNING: Contains bad language!


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