A retired high school English teacher made headlines for her excoriation of what she described as a “stylistically appalling” letter that she received from the White House.
As a social media professional, and an ex-content editor for a major education website, I can't state enough the importance
Stop typing - start talking! Lots of people try to find their partner on dating apps, or online dating sites like Match - but
Shami Chakrabarti is a hypocrite for sending her kids to private school, and this left-wing hypocrisy over education will destroy the Labour party.
The Education Secretary said that she does not want a system that will be "going back to the past". It seems, however, that the debate is moored back there in The Get Down era.
"If you spell things wrongly and punctuate things incorrectly," my old university lecturer used to say, "people will think
Implied his private education left him ill-prepared on the subject
David Cameron has refused to answer a grammar test faced by 11-year-olds - and in the process suggested his own private education
In the week beginning 9 May, 10-11 year olds will be taking their SATs tests in English and maths. These tests have always been controversial, but this year's SATs have provoked unprecedented levels of concern for the following reasons...
You'd think I'd be pleased that our nation's children are being taught to use apostrophes correctly. Believe me, I want everyone in the country to use apostrophes correctly. I really do. But this is not the way to achieve that particular utopia. Here's what's wrong with the new SATs...