Man Whose Big Toe Was Ripped Off By Escalator, Michael Reddington, Speaks Out

'My Toe Was Gone, There Was Blood Everywhere'

A man whose big toe was ripped off by an escalator has told of the "agonising pain" and how he learnt to walk again.

Michael Reddington, 24, lost a toe in March at the West End Arcade shopping centre in Nottingham.

He was on the escalator for 25 agonising minutes, after his foot became trapped in a gap between the top of the escalator and the platform next to it.

Speaking for the first time since the incident, he told the BBC: "My toe was gone, there was blood everywhere, there was bone sticking out, there was flesh all over," he said.

After his foot become trapped, Reddington immediately felt "ridiculous" pain.

"It felt like the front end of my foot was going to snap off. The pressure was unbearable and the pain was ridiculous," he said.

The sound engineer is now hoping to go back to work after learning to walk again, despite being told how he would not be able to for six months. "I'm shocked, the doctors are shocked. I think it's a testament to how the human body can heal itself," he said.

Doctors offered Reddington the chance to keep his toe but warned it could die on his foot and "cause gangrene", so he decided against re-attaching it.

"I heard the chap shout and the next thing I knew there was no end of people running out and hitting the stop button on the escalator," he said.

"They took the escalator top off before they took him away, which I'm guessing was to see if they could find the toe."


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