23/05/2012 13:04 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Fussy Eaters Keep Mums Chained To Kitchen By Demanding Three Meals A Night

Fussy eater Rex

Fussy-eating families are keeping stressed mums chained to the kitchen stove – by making them cook up to three different meals a night.

When I was growing up, my mother's mantra was: "Eat it or you'll have it for breakfast" – even if it was liver and cabbage.

But today, picky kids and partners need their individual needs satisfied – and mum to satisfy them.

According to the latest research, one in three mums prepares and cooks up to three different options for dinner (or tea, if you're from the north).

"The survey results show that traditional mealtime preparation and habits are changing," said Alastair McKerrow of Flora Cuisine which carried out the survey.

"Mothers are busier than ever, and many are having to prepare more than one meal each evening in order to accommodate their family's tastes."

The survey also found that despite owning an array of recipe books, 72% of UK mothers stick to cooking the same meals time and time again, with nearly two-thirds of mothers admitting owning a recipe book that they never use because the recipes were too complicated or ingredients too expensive.

Does this sound like you? Or do you serve one meal and and an eat-it-or-leave-it attitude? Let us know

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