Prince Charles Turns DJ In Toronto Canada

MC Charlez At The Decks

Prince Charles, or MC Charlez as he may soon be known, has shown he isn't afraid to "get down wid da kidz" with some handy work on the decks in Canada.

In spite of a somewhat awkward display of "browing around" and nodding his regal silver mane to the beat, the 63-year-old heir to the throne learnt how to scratch and fade during a tour of an employment skills workshop in Toronto.

"I don't much like Queen but I do love Prince?" We can only imagine what sort of set Prince Charles would drop

Prnce Charles' latest offbeat action comes after a stint of jiving in Jamaica and weather presenting for the BBC in Scotland. So what high jinx will he be getting up to next?

Givin' a beat: Is Charles rocking the King?


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