25/05/2012 12:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby In Tumble Dryer: Mum Wants Babysitter Prosecuted

Remember the baby in the tumble dryer story we ran earlier this week? Turns out the tot was in the care of a BABYSITTER when the incident occurred - and his outraged mum is calling for her to be jailed!

Little Samier Bush was put inside a commercial washing machine while playing a game of peek-a-boo with his babysitter and her male friend. The 'prank' was captured on the launderette's CCTV, and uploaded to YouTube, going viral.

Samier can been seen being put into the machine before the door automatically locks and starts its cycle.

Although a worker at the laundry raced to disable the machine, it still took an alarmingly long time to get Samier out.

At first, it was assumed the adults present were the baby's parents, but Samier's mum Saskia David knew nothing of the events or the video until the police visited her on Tuesday.

She told interviewer Ann Curry on USA's Today Show:

"I just want to tell Sandra [the babysitter] this is not over because everybody said on the news that I wasn't pressing charges, and I am."

The prosecutor's office has said they will not press charges because there was no criminal intent, but Saskia says the babysitter should be punished for what she and her companion did to Samier:

"She sat there and watched him put my baby in a washer. So it was both of their fault," Saksi insisted, adding that the footage made her feel sick and angry.

"I was, like, I know that ain't my child, oh, oh my god," she said describing her reaction to the video.

Ms David said that despite his ordeal, Samier is in good health except for a slight scratch to his head - which the babysitter had reportedly initially told her he had got from falling down the stairs.

The babysitter told NBC news that the incident was an accident and that her male friend was just playing peek-a-boo and did not put Samier in the machine intentionally.

How angry must Samier's mum be?
Do you think the babysitter and her friend should face charges?