28/05/2012 10:58 BST

Can Monkeys Play Synths? (VIDEO)

Vintage synthesisers are among the most beautiful and most beloved vintage tech around.

And according to some, with their pliable buttons, knobs and switches they're also some of the simplest musical tech devices with which to make music.

So what happened when a team of Swedish experimental musicians gave six of the best to a group of monkeys - to see if even our evolutionary cousins can make music with them?

In theory, a beautiful harmony of art and animal, in which non-human species finally realise their artistic potential and knock out the equivalent of a New Order album in an afternoon.

Unfortunately, for the team behind the Volt Festivalen, who did exactly this, the results were not quite so harmonious.

The team paired their monkeys with some truly awesome synthy tech. They gave a lion tamarin a Roland TR-909, a group of pygmy marmosets a rocking 64 LED button Bleeptronic 5000, and a two Toed Sloth a Yamaha SHS 10.

They even supplied a ring tailed Lemur and with a legendary Yamaha DX7 and a hamadryas baboon with a Casiotone CT-360.

To find out exactly what beautiful music they made you'll have to watch the video above - which has received more than 25,000 views on YouTube so far.

But let us just say… don't hope for too much from the non-human primates. They've never even heard of Kraftwerk. What did you expect?

Below: more animals playing with human technology.