Jimmy Fallon Unveils Second Episode Of 'Downton Abbey' Spoof, Starring Whoopi Goldberg (VIDEO)

WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Stars In 'Downton Abbey' Spoof

If you thought Downton Abbey was big here in the UK, just mention it in the US - they love it there. Love it really rather a lot, in fact.

So much so that the relatively small channel that hosts it, PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), had their first megahit in years, with 4.2 million tuning in live for a time slot usually blessed with just 2 million viewers.

As such, the show has entered the American public's cultural subconcious swiftly and elegantly, just as you'd expect from a show so refined and British as Downton Abbey.

Proving just that point, here above is the second episode of TV talk show host Jimmy Fallon's ongoing spoof of the series, Downton Sixbey, which stars none other than Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg.

But before you click on that and have yourself a little giggle, take a look at the first episode to get you up to speed on what's going on in the world of Downton 6B. Sorry, Downton Sixbey, our apologies.