4G Internet: Nine In Ten Business Leaders Say 4G Is A Must For The Economy

'The UK Needs 4G Now', Say Nine In Ten Business Leaders

Business leaders have demanded that the remaining roadblocks to 4G mobile internet in the UK be moved aside to help the economy grow.

More than nine out of ten business leaders said they wanted 4G rolled out across the UK "as soon as possible", according to a new study.

The poll comes after yet more delays to the rollout of 'true' LTE 4G in Britain - which the United States and several other countries have already introduced.

Everything Everywhere wants to use its existing spectrum to roll out 4G immediately. It recently produced a 60-page document outlining the case for using the 1800MHz spectrum it already licenses for LTE and WiMAX rollout.

It said that customers, as well as mobile networks, would benefit from the increased speed and capacity of 4G wireless.

But other businesses have told Ofcom, who are currently consulting on the rollout, that Everything Everywhere should not be allowed to launch 4G first.

Vodafone said: "We would urge Ofcom to hold a full and fair spectrum auction as soon as possible, so that all operators can access the necessary spectrum for 4G."

The Coleman Parkes survey commissioned by Everything Everywhere found that 93% of 1,000 business leaders asked said that the UK needed 4G now to compete.

The survey also found that 86% of business leaders said 4G will increase their business productivity.

Interestingly a slightly smaller number - 72% - said that they used mobile internet daily for their work, while 90% said they do so at least once a week.

About a third of those asked (29%) said 4G would mainly help they to interact with their customers over multiple channels at once.

Martin Stiven, Vice President of B2B, Everything Everywhere commented: "In today's global economy, UK businesses need 4G networks to help them be more productive and compete on the global stage.

"Half of the countries on the G20 list of the world's biggest economies already have 4G, leaving Britain business at risk of falling behind rivals."

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