Anders Behring Breivik Bragged He Was ‘Metrosexual Like David Beckham' Trial Hears

Breivik Trial: Killer 'Claimed He Was Metrosexual Like David Beckham

Four former close friends of killer Anders Breivik took to the stand today, with one claiming that the killer once boasted that he was "metrosexual like David Beckham".

The friend described how Breivik - who today is in a separate room at the request of the witnesses - made the comment when they noticed that he’d begun to wear make-up. The unnamed friend even thought that the killer might be homosexual.

“He was very vain. He was very focused on his looks. He could be a bit feminine in his way of being.

“He explained that as being metrosexual, that was the new trend. He made reference to David Beckham at the time,” he said.

The first witness remarked that Breivik even had nose surgery in 1999 because "he wanted a more Aryan nose.”

A year before the massacre, the second witness, who shared a flat with Breivik, described how he had announced at a dinner party that he was abstaining from alcohol because he was taking anabolic steroids.

He described him as “industrious, very picky, focused, and perhaps a bit self-centred”, according to The Daily Telegraph.

He also remarked that Breivik became increasingly obsessed with computer games, often playing them late into the night.

When Breivik moved into his own apartment in 2003 his friends noticed that he became even more absorbed in video games, frequently preferring to play them instead of socialising.

Breivik eventually moved in with his mother and became even more reclusive, at which point his friends became worried that he was depressed about being gay.

The BBC’s Lars Bevanger quotes the witness as saying that Breivik had “lost the spark of life”.

The Daily Telegraph’s Richard Orange comments that neither of the first two friends suspected Breivik was potentially dangerous.

On the killers’ politics, the second friend remarked that he feared “Europe was being invaded”.


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