Euro 2012 Director Labels Sol Campbell 'Insolent' Over Advising England Fans Not To Travel To Ukraine

'Insolent' - Ukraine 2012 Director Blasts Campbell

Ukraine's Euro 2012 director has hit back at Sol Campbell's advice to England fans not to travel to the European Championship, labelling him "insolent".

Campbell made the quotes when he appeared on the BBC's Panorama programme, which aired on Monday night, where he was shown footage of Ukrainian football fans singing anti-semitic chants and engaging in racially-motivated attacks.

But event director Markian Lubkivsky said: "We are getting ready for the great football festival," Lubkivsky said.

"To be honest, from the Uefa point of view, I don't see any dangers for citizens of different nationalities to stay in Ukraine."

"If the player Campbell has such a vision, than it is his own point of view, and it can not be projected for the whole country.

"His statement is simply insolent for us and we do not understand the aim of it."

A paltry 5,000 England supporters are estimated to descend upon Eastern Europe for the Euros - the lowest turnout of travelling English fans for a major tournament in decades.

The families of two of the Three Lions' black players selected for the tournament - Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - have confirmed they will not make the trek east due to fears over racism and violence.

The Foreign Office meanwhile has specifically told Asian and black supporters to take extra caution in Ukraine and Poland.

Oleg Voloshyn, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, however played down the footage shown in the UK on Monday night.

"Nazi symbols can be seen at ... any match in England, but does it mean that fans should not come to London for the Olympics?," he he insisted.


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