racism in football

Fans with plans need to be at the heart of a club: Government support and planning consent should be conditional on a fan-owned base within each club. The German model of fans owning top clubs may not be realistic, but if those clubs want to prove they are more than a business, and that they care are about supporters, they will give away some of their power to the fans upon which their identities have been built.
Racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism have returned to the streets of Europe with a vengeance. Tolerance is in short supply. In times like this, we look for havens that provide shelter from the hate and intolerance, havens that provide opportunity. Football, as the great sporting and social leveler, should be that safe haven.
In the wake of the Chelsea Paris Metro racism storm, we can thankfully rely on the kind people of the internet to lighten
Christopher Samba has been charged by the Russian football association for reacting to racist abuse. The Dynamo Moscow defender
Police are investigating racist abuse targeted at Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli on Twitter after he mocked Manchester
Grêmio have been disqualified from the Brazil Cup after a section of their supporters racially abused Santos goalkeeper Aranha
The deafening silence from fellow football professionals coupled with the absurd comments from the LMA, Redknapp and others are only making a problem that is deeply entrenched in society worse.
The Scottish Football Association could take action against Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths after footage appeared to show
Nicolas Anelka has defended his infamous quenelle gesture and claimed that if it makes him anti-Semitic then "all priests
Luis Suárez remains unrepentant about racially abusing Patrice Evra in 2011 and claims the case brought against him was "false