Feeding Time For Adorable Baby Spider Monkey (VIDEO)

WATCH: Feeding Time For Adorable Baby Spider Monkey

Baby monkeys are cute enough, but baby spider monkeys? Well, they take the cute biscuit - then nibble away at it until it disappears in a sugary cloud of om nom nom nom.

Just take a look at this remarkably hungry beastie as he chomps away at his dinner, piece by piece, as his handler feeds him at Arcas Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary in Guatemala.

The names behind the voices you can hear (and the fingers you can see) in this video are Ben and Tam, who are currently helping out at the sanctuary and even writing a blog about their experiences.

You can see what they get up to on a day to day basis if you click in this direction, and for some adorable videos of larger, hairier apes, check out our video gallery below.


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