'Goose Rush Hour' Sees Street Flooded By Our Feathered Friends (VIDEO)

WATCH: You Don't Want To Get Caught In 'Goose Rush Hour'

Ever seen a few dozen geese storm their way down a suburban street? Well then, ladies and gentlemen, today is your lucky day.

Producing a sound one YouTube commenter described as "fapfapfapfapfapfap", it's a mesmerising, marvellous 14 seconds that will leave you wondering: why on earth don't they fly?

And failing that - considering that some of them are pretty young, to be fair - where are they going so speedily? What's the attraction of wherever they're heading? We need to know, and we need to know now.

So while we wait on the answer to that one, why not check out our tried-and-true cute gosling video gallery below. We'll warn you now though: these clips are absurdly adorable.


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