Scientists Develop Algorithm For The Perfect Bra

Scientists Develop Algorithm For The Perfect Bra

Two former Microsoft engineers have developed an algorithm* for building the perfect bra.

This marriage of technology and underwear has resulted in a new online lingerie business, known as True & Co.

Aarthi Ramamurthy and Michelle Lam from San Fransciso developed the techy solution to finally solve the conundrum of a woman's support, lift and comfort.

The system will see a shopper go through a simple multi-choice Q&A on the brand's website, at the end of which the mythic algorithm spits out a selection of bras designed precisely for the shopper's size.

The process will cost $45 at first - and that will get you a selection of bras to try on at home. If you don't like them you can send them to and get a full refund.

The details of the algorithm itself remain frustratingly few, however - and it remains to be seen if this algorithm will prove as lucrative as the one which powers Google.

Then again, if this invention does solve the thorny issue of selecting a decent bra, we're sure the world will be grateful in the form of dollars and cents.


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