05/06/2012 12:57 BST | Updated 05/06/2012 13:04 BST

Diamond Jubilee: David Cameron Says Celebrations Will Give Britain The Bounce It Needs

This weekend's Diamond Jubilee celebrations will give the country the bounce it needs in the face of a faltering economy, Prime Minister David Cameron said today.

He said street parties across the UK showed the nation pulling together, while the Olympics would be a "giant advertisement" for the country across the globe.

The Prime Minister said this weekend demonstrated the best of Britain, telling Sky News the celebrations in the face of sometimes dire weather showed the country's tremendous resilience in the face of adversity.

After several tough weeks of negative headlines, with Budget U-turns and damaging disclosures at the Leveson Inquiry, the Prime Minister must be hoping the Diamond Jubilee celebrations can bring a feel-good factor and perhaps provide a boost in the polls.

Cameron said: "What's happened this weekend is that (we have been) celebrating this great institution, Her Majesty's service of 60 years on the throne, but also seeing some of the best of British creativity, culture, music and the rest of it all at the same time.

"I think really it is the best of Britain. We have seen the country come together with a sense of celebration and unity but also tremendous resilience, resilience from people who want to celebrate despite the weather and resilience of course from Her Majesty - nothing stops her doing the job she does.

"This is something that has brought the country together and you definitely notice that in my constituency, in the smallest villages that I went to. In the whole country, everyone's talking to each other, everyone is chatting with their neighbours. It brings communities of people together, whatever your politics."

He added: "People obviously say that bank holidays aren't good for the economy. But I think this year we have these two extraordinary events, 60 years of Her Majesty on the throne and the Olympics.

"These are moments when we get the chance to show off the best of Britain and that includes the institutions, the past, the history, the pageantry that we have seen today.

"But it also includes the great universities, the music, the arts, the culture, and yes the economy and what a great place this is to start a business. I am hoping we can wrap all those things together and really make the most of this year.

"We have paid for the Olympics. We have now got to make the best of them. I think there is huge opportunity to make them a giant advertisement for our country."

Cameron said his favourite songs from last night's concert were Sir Paul McCartney's rendition of the James Bond classic Live and Let Die and Crocodile Rock by Sir Elton John.