diamond jubilee

Alfie's fans fall into three main camps: those who love his classical roots, those who love rock Alfie and those who love absolutely everything he's ever done. Some of the latter camp ended up there having started as a classical or rock fan, myself included.
A property belonging to Sir Cliff Richard was searched by police on Thursday Sir Cliff said: "For many months I have been
The royal family is now one of the nation's favorite subjects of conversation. In fact, a combination of ground-breaking documentaries, high-profile weddings and births and, let's be honest, the very existence of Lady Diana took the royal family into a new level of fame.
The Queen and members of her family enjoyed a private cruise on the River Thames as the country basked in sweltering summer
Channel 4 is to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer every morning during Ramadan - a decision which the broadcaster called
The majestic St Edward's Crown - with which the Queen was crowned - is to play a symbolic role as the monarch marks the 60th
The Queen celebrates the 60th anniversary of her Coronation on Sunday. It is exactly 60 years since she made her way, as
The wife of Rolf Harris has spoken about the couple’s torment since his arrest for alleged sexual offences. Alwen Hughes
Rolf Harris was today named as the TV entertainer who was arrested by police investigating allegations of sexual abuse in
A full military rehearsal for Margaret Thatcher's funeral has taken place in the early hours of Monday morning. Major Andrew