07/06/2012 16:00 BST | Updated 07/08/2012 10:12 BST

Creepy Justin Bieber Fan Wins The Internet (VIDEO)

This may be the creepiest thing ever posted to the Internet.

Recently teen heartthrob and perennial Twitter trending topic Justin Bieber asked his fans to post videos singing along to his latest hit, 'Boyfriend', with alternate words ('Girlfriend').

Thousands of obliging Tweens have since posted their clips.

But one among all the others has caught the Internet's attention.

This fan - this terrifying fan - has a unique staring (and singing) style which is something to behold. Possibly intentional, possibly not, but definitely very strange, it's utterly hypnotic. Perhaps literally.

The video is now about to go 'viral', having received 5,000 views in just over 10 minutes late on Thursday afternoon.

The members of Reddit have already declared the video their winner. And reproduced it in gif form.

According to one Reddit user the singer blinks a total of nine times throughout the entire video.

Justin's favourite video will win a prize and be featured on TV. But clearly the Internet has already chosen.

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