Teachers Banned From Using Blu-Tack As It 'Might Explode', Rules Scottish Primary School

School Bans Blu-Tack From Classroom As It 'Might Explode'

Teachers at a Scottish primary school have been barred from using blu-tack after being told it "might explode" if it comes into contact with glass.

But the bizarre rule has left the school, which has not been named, in a sticky situation after the government's myth-busting panel rubbished the claim.

The panel, which was established by employment minister Chris Grayling, ruled: "Whatever the reason for banning the use of Blu Tack it is not on health and safety grounds.

"The manufacturer's website makes clear that the product can be used on glass. We see no reason why the children's creative work should not be displayed for everyone to enjoy!"

Children were left feeling blue after their artwork was removed from classroom windows at the establishment in Perth & Kinross.

The school, which is owned and administered by private companies, claimed a chemical in Blu-Tack would react with substances in the glass, causing the latter to shatter.

The mythbusting panel tackled the bizarre blu-tack case in May, which the Sun highlighted in Thursday's paper. Its cases range from the amusing to the absurd and include:

  • A school production being cancelled because the lighting operator had not attended a ladder training course
  • One college refusing to lend bikes because of fears it could be prosecuted in the event of an accident
  • A school being ordered to undertake a risk assessment to serve tea at its annual fete
  • A scout group which had stopped camping in a field due to concerns over the presence of sheep and cow droppings

We've cast our eye around the internet and found some other (rather disturbing) health and safety rules.

Do you know of any?


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