07/06/2012 12:20 BST

Breast Implant Explosion Wins Woman Alison Chapman Five-Figure Payout

A 45-year-old British woman whose breast implants exploded after surgery in Tunisia has successfully claimed compensation.

Alison Chapman, from Hedge End, Southampton, said that she had suffered a "horrendous and humiliating" ordeal after the surgery went wrong.

One implant exploded in the shower after Ms Chapman made a return visit to the clinic in 2009, feeling her initial implants were "uneven."

Ms Chapman was rushed to hospital where she underwent surgery to close the wound and fight the infection. She also went on to have two further operations to replace the implants and repair the scar.

alison chapman

Alison Chapman opted for breast enhancement after suffering from low self-esteem over the size and shape of her breasts.

After coming back home, Ms Chapman had to return to the Tunisian clinic as she was disappointed with the results which she felt had left her breasts uneven.

She sad was "in absolute agony" after the second operation, but when I called the clinic for advice no-one could help.

"I took a hot shower to try and relieve the pain and was absolutely horrified when my breast burst open."

"After both operations, the staff seemed more bothered about getting cash from me than providing me with any after-care or support.

"It's taken three years of reconstructive surgery to repair the wound and reduce the scarring and I now feel more self-conscious than ever before, it's been very humiliating.

"I hope my story acts as a warning to anyone else considering having cosmetic surgery abroad.

"I looked on the internet and, when I came across the clinic in Tunisia, it seemed professional so I made the decision to go.

"It's now one of the biggest regrets of my life.

Sandeep Aujla, a specialist in injury abroad cases at Irwin Mitchell solicitors, said that they had secured a five-figure compensation claim from the credit card company that Ms Chapman used to pay for the surgery.

She said: "Unfortunately, we see many clients who have travelled abroad to undergo surgery and suffered problems.

"The problems suffered by Alison are increasingly common and can have terrible consequences.

"Patients can be left paying out thousands more than private surgery in the UK would cost as a result of a foreign clinic's mistakes."