11/06/2012 11:33 BST | Updated 11/08/2012 06:12 BST

Deep Fried Gadgets: Artist Henry Hargreaves Cooks Beloved Tech For Art (PHOTOS)

In the dense world of technology it often takes a lot for a photograph of a gadget to stand out. (unless it purports to be the next iPhone).

One photographer from Brooklyn, New York, has found a way to make his tech pics stand out. He deep-fries his gadgets before photographing them.

Kind of...

Henry Hargreaves, originally from New Zealand, has worked for a range of famous brands, but in his spare time created a series of images featuring greasy, cooked electronics.

From MacBooks to iPads and even a lowly GameBoy, Hargreaves left not gadget un-touched when creating his piece. At least in appearance - Hargreaves told HuffPost Food recently that no gadgets are actually harmed in the pictures, and that he actually uses fakes made out of a material called 'foamcore'.

According to Toxel the inspiration was to draw a link between the consumption of gadgets and the consumption of fast food.

"I like to play with food and the juxtaposition of different worlds," Hargreaves told HuffPost Food. "Also I see similarities between tech culture and fast food. Quickly devoured and then discarded."

Take a look at the pics in the slideshow below.

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